At Precious Collectibles we love all the possibilities technology offers us. And, of course, we also love that this technology continues to evolve.

As you probably have seen at the ''About Us'' page we also love to connect collectors and collectibles. And what better way to do this as a globally oriented company? With being globally oriented you come across some challenges.

Next to offer our site in different languages and different valuta with traditional payment options, we now offer also payment with Cryptocurrency. This because Cryptocurrency is decentral and offers everyone around the world the same way of payment with the same valuta with the same value.

We now accept the following Cryptocurrencies;

When you have done a payment through our payment processor with Cryptocurrency the payment goes through the so called blockchain. In this blockchain your payment is being verified. This verification takes some time. How much time depends on the Crypto you choose to pay with. From several seconds to several hours. The moment the payment is through we will process your purchase and ship it to you.

Symphony Hour - The movie

Symphony Hour is a short film, made by Walt Disney. This film was produced in 1942 and is one of the many Disney Classics. In this movie Mickey Mouse conducts a orchestra. This orchestra performs; Light Cavalry Overture.

The big figurines

Between 1992 and 1996 Walt Disney Classic Collection (WDCC) created a handmade, porcelain set of the characters from the Walt Disney movie; Symphony hour. This set consisted out of:* Sylvester Macarony as ''Sylvester Macaroni''* Mickey Mouse as ''Maestro Michel Mouse''* Goofy as ''Goofy's Grace Notes''* Clarabelle Cow as ''Clarabelle's Crescendo''* Horace Horsecollar as ''Horace's High Notes''* Clara Cluck as ''Bravo Bravissimo''* Donald Duck as ''Donald's Drum Breat''* Opening tittle scroll

For a long time many collectors of Walt Disney big figurines thought that the big statues of this set where so called ''store display'' statues. With other words; Statues that where only produced for stores to promote the WDCC line.

After a lot of research we found out that this is not the case. These big statues where produced for regulair sales to customers, just like the WDCC statues. The artist behind these statues is Stefan Toth. He designed these incredible populair statues. In another blog we will get back to this particular sculpturist and his works for Walt Disney.

The set consist of four statues;* Mickey Mouse as ''Maestro Michel Mouse''* Goofy as ''Goofy's Grace Notes''* Clara Cluck as ''Clarabelle's Crescendo''* Donald Duck as ''Donald's Drum Breat''

To get the entire set big statues complete is a big challenge. One statue is even more rare then the other. And we know a lot of collectors who still have not found them all. To complete your set, the 3D painting is a excellent addition. This one is produced in 2001 in limited edition. The artist behind this was Kazama. We will get back to this particular artist and his works for Walt Disney in another blog.

Mickey Mouse as ''Maestro Michel Mouse'' Symphony Hour big Polyresin Walt Disney statue

The Precious Collectibles logo is shown on every account we have, on every platform we are. Almost all our pictures have our watermark or our logo (depends on the background). Besides this we show our website url in every picture. This to ensure that you know you can buy safely. And when in doubt, can contact us directly through our website. Together we can make the internet a safer place to buy, by showing each other who we are.

All our pictures, video's, text and other products are protected under the international law of intellectual property. In no way we allow other people/businesses/entities to use anything from us to sell/present or in any other way use our materials in their advantage. This also to keep you safe. When in doubt, contact us trough our website.

Precious Collectibles

In the 80's Stefan Toth designed several products for the Walt Disney compagny. Among other statues that are these days among the rarest and most coveted of Walt Disney collectibles. These statues where mainly produced from Polyester. In another blog we will elaborate on the material types. Stefan Toth is a German artist.

A well known statue among collectors is the big statue of Mickey Mouse as the ''Sorcerer's apprentice'' from the Walt Disney classic movie; Fantasia. This statue is signed by the artist under his feet by Stoth. This is why a lot of people think the artist is someone named Stoth. If you look closely you can see it is S Toth.

A list of some of the statues designed by Stefan Toth:

These four together are a set based on the Walt Disney classic movie; Symphony hour. We have described this in detail in another blog.

Other big statues are:

Some of these statues where produced again in the 90's. This time from Polyresin.

Click here to see which collectibles of Stefan Toth we have in store for you.

One thing we always missed when buying a magnificent collectible online, was a clear view of all sides. This made that we sometimes made a ''bad'' purchase. The item we bought did not meet our expectations.

In our webshop we describe every item as accurate as possible. But sometimes you want more than text and pictures. Because we are a online store, we thought; ''How can we create a more interactive viewing of the collectible?''. Our solution; Youtube.

Almost every collectible we sell, we film. We have created a consistant style of presenting our collectibles through video. This way you know exactly what to expect.

When a collectible is filmed and sold, we keep the movie online. So you can still enjoy it. En when we have the collectible back in store we use the movie of the previous sold one. This because every movie takes a lot of time to make. So not every movie depicts the collectible you are about to buy. For this we use the pictures.

Update: With moving the site to a new program we can not offer the Youtube movies on the product page for the moment. We expect to solve this in the coming months. We do our best to get this feature back on the website.

We would love to meet all our fellow collectors. This not only to know the person behind the orders. But also to know what you love and what you dislike. Just to provide you with the best service possible. We wish our webshop is like a digital home for you. Not only for you to find that rare collectible you are looking for, but also to find more then you expect to find.

For this we have created a members area. We are always developing this environment. We have added several features. Just to mention a few of them and their purposes:

* Profile. Here you can share what you wish to share about yourself.

* My orders. Here you can find back every order you made in our webshop.

* My adress: Here you can store your adress. Where does your new collectible needs to be delivered?

* My wishlist. Here you can save your favorite products. Find them back easy.

* Blog likes. Which blogs do you like? Here you can find them back.

* Blog comments. Where did you leave a comment? Here you can find them all back.

* Settings. Where do you wish to get notifications of? Here you can choose which ones. So you get automated updates about your favorite topics.* Notifications. One place to find back everything you have subscribed for.

Become a member of our website and enjoy all these benefits and more. Members also get among other:

* A magnificent news letter once in a while.

* Sneak preview of which products to expect.

* Special discounts and sales.

Love to see you soon.


As a collector we love our collectibles. But we can not own them all, or can we?

We love to search for the next collectible to add to our own collection. For this reason we, Precious Collectibles, have opened a Pinterest account. We add a lot of pictures, this way you can easily search for your next collectible.

You can off course also use these pictures to save and share. For example on your own Pinterest account. Think about a Pinterest bord with the collectibles you have and a bord with the collectibles you still are searching for.

To make it easy for you, we added a Pinterest share button throughout our website. This share button shows up when you move the pointer of your mouse over a image. You see a Pinterest logo pop up in the left corner of the image.

Please take note; This only works on the pictures of high enough quality. This to protect you against images that have less quality when you enlarge them. This means it works for about 95% of the images on our website. For example; It does not work on the so called thumbnails images in the product gallery. But it does work on the images on the product page.


Many of the big statues we sell where produced in the 80's, 90's of this century. A perceptive collector can see that we sometimes offer the same statue with different prices. One of the main reasons is quality. One statue can be of better quality then the other. Another reason is rarity.

Rarity?, you think... But these are the same statues, right? This is what you just said.

You are right, this is what I just said. But there can be a key difference between these two ''same'' statues. One statue is made of Polyester and the other is made from Polyresin. The most basic difference here is that the Polyester statues where mainly produced in the 80's, till early 90's. The Polyester statues where made since the 90's.

Polyester is best described as ''a kind of mesh''. The artist puts different layers of this ''mesh'' over each other. It gets firmer with every layer. They use a mold to create continuity. This mold excist from two parts, the left side of the statue and the right side of the statue. When both sides have enough ''mesh'' and are cured, they are glued together. When glued together they finish the structure of the statue. After this every statue is painted by hand. The shape of each statue is the same (because of the mold), the painting varies due to the handwork.

Polyresin is best described as a kind of ''plastic''. This is cheaper in production and is more firm. Because it can be used from liquid to solid, it is more suitable for mass production. The downside is, these statues are considerably heavier. These statues are more consistent in design then the Polyester. But most Polyresin statues are also painted by hand. And because of this, the paint may vary.

In the end result, there are some similarities between these two materials. With both, the colors can vary. If this is by a different ''paint bath'' or by the way of storage, can always be disputed. And to be fair, is impossible to really know in most cases. The other similarity is that the storage method is very important. In conditions that are too hot or too cold, these statues can crack or even show entire fractures. With the Polyresin statues it often starts with crackle, when storing in the wrong conditions.

Because of this there is sometimes no escape from the restoration of these statues. But more about restauration in the article; Restaurations at Precious Collectibles.

Polyresin Versus Polyester

Bburago is a model car company, founded in 1974. In 2005 the brand Bburago was bought by The May Cheong Group.

The brand Bburago is well known under model car collectors. In 2003 and 2005 Bburago got a license from Walt Disney to produce model cars with Walt Disney characters. They where produced in the scales; 1:18, 1:24and 1:43. There where different collections produced;* Disney Classic Collection* Disney Character Collection* Disney Cartoon Collection* Disney Formula Collection* Disney Racing Gift Collection* The Incredibles Collection* Kit Disney Formula

In the collections brands like; Lancie, Mercedes, Porsche, Fiat, Chevrolet, Lamborghini and many more are presented. Every collection has a different style. One of the most populair collections is the Disney Character Collection. A collection with some of the most populair Walt Disney characters driving high quality model cars.

Mickey Mouse Mercedes Benz SSK model car by Bburago in license of Walt Disney

Gatco was founded in 1975. The Italian office of GATCO was a buying office for foreign companies. The production of their products was done by craftsmen. GATCO bought them, then sold them to their various customers.

GATCO sold the brass Walt Disney items to GATCO di S. Franciso. This was their customers wholesaler. From here the brass Walt Disney line was distributed to retail, who sold them to their customers. The brass Walt Disney line was produced and sold since the 70's.

When you look at the magnificent products that where produced, you can see the craftsmanship. In, among other, a magnificent relief, which show some of the most populair Walt Disney characters like; Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Scrooge McDuck, Huey. Dewey and Louie. These products are produced in brass.

The product line includes among other;* Pen Containers* Wall Brackets * Letter Holders* Piggy Banks* Picture Frames

Take a look at several of these brass Walt Disney items in our Gallery. And do not forget to see the Walt Disney section in our webshop. Here you can see the availabilty of these magnificent and unique products.

Vintage Goofy pen tray by GATCO
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