Buy now, pay later with Klarna

We get regular request for payment in installments or for payment after delivery. We do accept payment in installments, but payment after delivery is a service we can not offer as a small, specialized company. As a ''in between'' option we offer among other payment with Paypal and creditcards.

Now we have extra option; Payment by Klarna. There are various options with Klarna, depending of the country you live in. In the following text we will explain every option.

Pay later

With pay later you pay the entire amount in one transaction at a later moment.

For the residents in the Germany and Austria this is within 14 days.

For the residents in Belgium and Netherlands it is within 30 days.

For the residents in Switserland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom this is 30 days.

Payment is due within x days from the day we have shipped your item. For example if you purchase a item on monday and we ship it on friday, the payment term of x days starts on friday. X days is the amount of days that is available for you country as stated above.

Pay now

With pay now you can pay directly through creditcard, bank transfer or automatic collection. This option is available in the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Switserland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

Pay in 3

With pay in 3 the payment is done in 3 terms. The first payment is done when the item is shipped, the second payment 30 days after the first payment and the 3rd payment 60 days after the first payment. This option is available in the Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.


With financing the payment is made in several installments, with a maximum of 36 months. You should see this as a loan, because you also pay interest to Klarna. This option is available in Austria, Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The amount of interest you pay depends of the country you live in. If you wish to know more about this, please contact Klarna.

Take note

If you choose to pay in installments, make sure you are able to make the payments. When you choose for installments you choose to deal with Klarna. This means that you do not make the installments to us, but to Klarna. This also means your debt is with Klarna and not with us. When you can not pay the installments, there is nothing we can do about it. It is Klarna who you owe money to and it is Klarna with who you will have to solve this.

We offer these ways of payments on the request of customers. But we only provide the option, we do not provide the loan (this is Klarna). And when you choose to pay later, you choose for a loan. And with a loan there are always risks. To protect yourself against these risks, make sure you can fulfill your terms of payment.


We do our absolute best to provide you with the most accurate and up to date information about Klarna as possible. But we are not responsible for anything that Klarna does and/or says and/or changes they make. Terms and conditions with these payments are the terms and conditions of Klarna. To learn more about Klarna and the options they offer visit

We have chosen Klarna as a payment provider based on our knowledge of the company. We have had personal experience as consumers with them and off course checked all kind of resources to learn about this company. We trust on Klarna to provide you not only a payment plan, but also high quality service. As always; Do your own research.

If you have any questions, please contact us or contact Klarna. You can contact us by clicking here. You can contact Klarna by visiting their site at and selecting you country.

Athina KarkaAthina Karka
09:45 21 Apr 22
I do thank “Precious Collectibles “ and Pascal Marks in particular, for a unique transaction!The excellent communication,... the immediate response in every question of mine, the perfect knowledge on the field of highly sought-after figures and statues, the absolutely professional packaging, the prompt posting of the parcel and above all, the ultimately magnificent Goofy, make “Precious Collectibles” the best site, literally, for serious collectors all over the world!I am really obliged for all!read more
Claudia SchüllerClaudia Schüller
13:51 29 Mar 22
A month ago I bought a long-sought chip and chap collectible from Precious Collectibles. When I was looking for a certain... collector's item, I contacted the company, where I was helped quickly and with very nice contact. The figure was described in detail and I was also given a lot of photos of the condition in advance. Shipping was very quick and the figure was well packaged! I can recommend the company and the team with a clear conscience and thank you again for the nice contact. Greetings from more
Sam UptonSam Upton
23:22 13 Feb 22
I love the item I purchased. It was shipped quickly and packed extremely well.
Lutz EngelhardtLutz Engelhardt
18:29 09 Feb 22
Great online shop! Good value and fair prices, very happy with my buy!
Rolf TruningerRolf Truninger
12:21 01 Feb 22
I received the figure I ordered, Donald Duck with case, very well packaged and in excellent condition. I love these figures... by artist Peter Mook. The communication with Precious Collectibles is really great and very nice and customer-friendly. Can recommend this company unreservedly.Many greetings from more
14:33 14 Jan 22
Super fast delivery and fantastically well packaged. Highly recommended!
Loic SengeisenLoic Sengeisen
19:21 09 Dec 21
Figurine arrived in very good condition. Well packed. Very satisfied. Rapid dispatch. Good communication ++++++++++++++
14:20 29 Oct 21
Great items in perfect condition, very nice contact and super fast delivery! Everything perfect!
Natascha KNatascha K
14:30 20 Sep 21
Very nice products.Very friendly and honest.Everything will be shipped neatly and well packaged.
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