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As a collector we love our collectibles. But we can not own them all, or can we?

We love to search for the next collectible to add to our own collection. For this reason we, Precious Collectibles, have opened a Pinterest account. We add a lot of pictures, this way you can easily search for your next collectible.

You can off course also use these pictures to save and share. For example on your own Pinterest account. Think about a Pinterest bord with the collectibles you have and a bord with the collectibles you still are searching for.

To make it easy for you, we added a Pinterest share button throughout our website. This share button shows up when you move the pointer of your mouse over a image. You see a Pinterest logo pop up in the left corner of the image.

Please take note; This only works on the pictures of high enough quality. This to protect you against images that have less quality when you enlarge them. This means it works for about 95% of the images on our website. For example; It does not work on the so called thumbnails images in the product gallery. But it does work on the images on the product page.

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© Precious Collectibles 2019 - 2021
All rights reserved
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