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One thing we always missed when buying a magnificent collectible online, was a clear view of all sides. This made that we sometimes made a ''bad'' purchase. The item we bought did not meet our expectations.

In our webshop we describe every item as accurate as possible. But sometimes you want more than text and pictures. Because we are a online store, we thought; ''How can we create a more interactive viewing of the collectible?''. Our solution; Youtube.

Almost every collectible we sell, we film. We have created a consistant style of presenting our collectibles through video. This way you know exactly what to expect.

When a collectible is filmed and sold, we keep the movie online. So you can still enjoy it. En when we have the collectible back in store we use the movie of the previous sold one. This because every movie takes a lot of time to make. So not every movie depicts the collectible you are about to buy. For this we use the pictures.

Update: With moving the site to a new program we can not offer the Youtube movies on the product page for the moment. We expect to solve this in the coming months. We do our best to get this feature back on the website.

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© Precious Collectibles 2019 - 2021
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