At Precious Collectibles we aspire to be more then ''just'' a store. Not only in service, but also in our presence in the world. We have a humanistic views on the world. We care about the planet and all life on it. We do our best to make choices that make a positive impact on the world. 

We do this, among others, by using high quality shipping materials. These are most of the time created from recycled materials. The high quality of these materials offer you, our customer, the chance to re use the packaging material for shipping your own packages. If you do not re use them, you can let it be recycled.

When we buy complete collections there are often items in these collections that do not end up in our store. These items are given to a local charity program in our neigberhood. This charity program provides the less fortunate among us with free items. Most of the time with essential items. For example furniture and washing machines. With giving them these items we can help these people a little bit. 

Purchasing a collectible in our store is a sustainable way to give a personal touch in any room/house/office. The items in our store are often decades old, sometimes almost a 100 years. And most of these items will still be there after decades, maybe centuries to come. The value of these items are always increasing. Even today people are still growing up with many if not all of the characters represented in the collectibles.  This makes it not only a good investment, but also a good motivation to take the best care of these items. 
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© Precious Collectibles 2019 - 2021
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