Jim Shore

By Jim Shore

In 2001 Jim Shore partnered with Enesco. This was the start of a artist who now has become a legend in the giftware industry. We have a ever growing selection of pre love collectibles designed by Jim Shore.

Discover the unique style of Jim Shore
Joakim Lindstrup

By Joakim Lindstrup

Joakim Lindstrup was a employee of Jie Art. With his own style Joakim Lindstrup created a line of artwork in license of Walt Disney for Jie Art. These artworks consisted of Polyresin figurines fixed on a black background and a wooden frame. A unique style.

Discover the unique style of Joakim Lindstrup
Peter Mook

By Peter Mook

''It was amazing, he was sitting with us at the table and in front of our eyes he created a statue, midst in the conversation''. One of the many compliments we heard about this artist from people who worked with him. Some of the most coveted collectibles in our store are created by Peter Mook.

See here why collectibles by Peter Mook are so coveted
Richard Orlinski

By Richard Orlinski

Sometimes a artist creates something that is coveted from the start by many and all kind of collectors. Richard Orlinski works are these kind of creations. The Walt Disney art works he created where sold out in minutes. 

Discover his art and fall in love

By Romero Britto

The most licensed artist in the world and off course with a reason. The pop art style of Romero Britto combined with all kind of populair brands is a receipe for succes. A Romero Britto item in your home is a colourfull statement.

Find your statement right here
Stefan Toth

By Stefan Toth

A artist with a hard to find history. Known by many as Sloth, because of his signature. Where it is S. Toth of Stefan Toth. This German artist has created some of the most coveted and rarest Walt Disney collectibles out there. 

Discover which statue you covet is created by Stefan Toth
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