With a history started in 1974, Bburago has become a worlwide operating company. They have become this big because of their high quality and highly collectible model cars. In 2003 the partnerd with Walt Disney to create a model car line with Walt Disney characters.

In which car with which character are your driving?


A company that no longer exists, but which has produced some highly collectible lamps. We have a small selection of these lamps with characters from the Looney Tunes.

Find here your light
Demons And Merveilles

Demons And Merveilles

The company was founder in 1985, with their first statue in 1986. In 2006 the company closed. In those 30 years they have created thousands of products. With some of them highly coveted by collectors. We have a big selection of collectibles created by Demons And Merveilles.

Which Demons And Merveilles collectible are your looking for?


One of the biggest giftware companys in the world. They have partnered with brands like Warner Bros., Walt Disney and much more. But also with artists like Romero Britto, Jim Shore and many more. 

Discover here all the Enesco collectibles
Figi Graphics

Figi Graphic

Todd Figi started his company in 1969. In 1973 he merged his company with another company and named it Figi, after himself. In 1998 he sold his company. In the time between he created one of the biggest gift ware company in the world. With created some high collectible gift wares.

Which collectible will you discover?
Vintage Goofy pen tray by GATCO


Founded in 1975, this Italian company was a buying office for foreign companies. The production of their products where done by craftsmen. One of their products lines was a brass product line with Walt Disney characters. From letter holders to wall brackets.

Find here your Brass Walt Disney collectible


This fantastic duo has become a household name. They are the creators of characters like The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, The Smurfs, Yoghi Bear and much more.

Find here your Hanna-Barbera collectible
Jie Art

Jie Art

Founded in 1942, this is a brand with history. John Evert ''Jie'' Johnson ran the company till 1992, till they went out of business. They have created thousands of products. With one line we have in our store. The Walt Disney art line by Joakim Lindstrup.

Discover here your unique, vintage artwork.
King Features

King Features

Some of the most recognized and iconic characters in time are owned by King Features. Find here your Popeye and Betty Boop by King Features collectibles.

Find here your iconic character


With licensees of all big brands, Leblon-Delienne has a excellent track record regarding collectible artwork. With their high quality and most of the time limited produced items, they are worldwide known. The sculptors working by Leblon-Delienne are real artist.

Find here your artwork by Leblon-Delienne


Founded in 1924, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) is a company with a history.  With characters like Tom and Jerry, The Flinstones and much more MGM has brought cinematic joy around the world for almost a century.

Find here your MGM collectibles


Bigger is not always better and the people of Pixi have made a art out of this saying. Metal miniatures of your favorite characters with incredible detail. From Asterix and Obelix to Marsupilami till the Looney Tunes and Walt Disney. 

Collect here your miniatures
Dumbo lamp by Superfone in license of Walt Disney


A brand that gives you functional collectibles, which some are a memory of days gone by. With animated wall clocks, remembering you the time by movement, sound and singing. But also with phone suited for land lines. Phones which are animated and non-animated. But also lamps to shine a nostalgic light in your home.

Which functional collectible are you looking for?
Tropico Diffusion

Tropico Diffusions

Presenting some of your favorites characters in the most attractive ways. From desk items to lamps and more. 

What character may surprise you?
Turner entertainment

Turner Entertainment

A company with a history in the multimedia world. We offer a ever expending collection of collectibles by Turner Entertainment. To start with Tex Avery collectibles.

Find here your favorite Tex Avery character
Walt Disney

Walt Disney

Starting in 1923 with Alice, Walt Disney made his first steps in building a company that now is one of the biggest in the world. We offer all kind of collectibles of your favorite Walt Disney characters and movies. From antique to vintage to modern collectibles.

What is your Walt Disney favorite?
Warner Bros

Warner Bros

Starting in 1940 these three brothers started a company that would grow in one of the biggest multimedia businesses in the world. Presenting some of the most populair movies, comics, characters and more. 

Find here your Warner Bros collectible
Westland Giftware

Westland Giftware

Founded in 1972, Westland Giftware became one of the greatest manufacturersof gifts around the world. With licensees of some of the biggest brands, the Westland Giftware collection is a must have at Precious Collectibles. Westland Giftware ceased to exist in 2015. 

Discover the world of Westland Giftware
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