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It happens;* Oops, i dropped him,* The postman kicked the box,* The dog thought it was a chew toy,* The cat jumped on it,* The kids played soccer in the house,* I'm to good at cleaning,* The cold broke it,
And, what is your reason? I can tell you mine, but these are more then the above. And now?

There are many self-appointed restorers, and yes some are great. But most are not. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes not even that. When it looks good, but the sun melts it, it ain't done right. There are many reasons that a restauration can be terrible, but you will not know it before it is to late. And then there are the restorations that have only made things worse.

No wonder a broken statue is the nightmare of every collector.

At Precious Collectibles we have the same problem as you. Sometimes a statue just gets damaged, it happens. We don't throw away our broken statues, we restore them. Or we put them aside for later restauration. We know which abilities we have and which not. And based on this, we restor a statue or not. We do this only with the best of materials, suited for that specific restoration. And we know which materials these are, due to extensive research. And we can only restore a statue, due to extensive experimentation, studying and consults with experts.

When selling a statue, we always state it if it has been restored. We also describe what has been restored. We do not believe that the value of an statue diminishes with an excellent restoration. Some people do, but why? When a statue is restored, only the first person knows it. When this person chooses not to tell this, and you can not see it... You will never no it was restored and the value would be the same as a statue that was not restored.

We believe in honesty, and this is why we mention it. But when a restoration is done perfectly, even we as specialists can not see this.

When you have a broken statue, you can always contact us. Send us clear pictures ( of the damaged parts and the statue (or what's left of it). We can judge if we can restore the statue for you and at what costs. We only use the highest quality of materials. We do not give advice about how to restore items yourself. Because we do not want to be held responsible if this goes wrong.
When we have a agreement with you to restore a item for you, you can use our shipping company. This way you can ship the statue at significantly lower rates. We will support you every step of the way.

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© Precious Collectibles 2019 - 2021
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