Tex Avery

Frederick Bean Avery, better known as Tex Avery. Born on februari 26th in 1908 and deceased on august 26th in 1980. Who was he and why does he has his own section on our website?
Tex Avery was a important person in the history of cartoon characters and we have given him his own section because of this, just like Walt Disney has his own section. Not everything of Tex Avery ends up in his own section, because of his complex autobiographie combined with the complex licensing of characters.

Tex Avery started his career in a modest position with Walt Lantz, coloring in cartoons. In these years Tex Avery developed his talents and got more responsibility. In 1935 Tex Avery decided to leave Walter Lantz and started working for Warner Bros. Here it is where Tex Avery made his name, with creating characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig.

The works of Tex Avery competed with the works of Walt Disney. The works of Walt Disney where more ''light and magical'' and the works of Tex Avery where more ''agressive and comedy''. The works of Tex Avery were a instant hit with grown ups.

Tex Avery does not deserve all the honor. At Warner Bros Tex Avery worked with a team of artists; Bugs Hardaway, Cal Howard, Dave Monahan, Jack Millar, Rich Hogan and Tedd Pierce. Together they formed the backbone of the cartoons made at Warner Bros studios.
The influence of Tex Avery is still seen back in cartoons this day.

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