The differences between statues

We regularly receive questions about collectibles. A recurring topic is about statues of which it is unclear whether they are authentic. To be clear; Yes, there are a lot of imitation collectibles on the market. And yes, it is smart to check for differences and consult a specialist when in doubt. This is one of the reasons we started our webshop. To deliver high quality antique, vintage and modern collectibles, which are checked for quality and authenticity. In this blog article we will mostly speak about the Polyester and Polyresin statues produced in the 80's and 90's. We have spoken with some of the original makers of these statues at length. Very friendly people with a lot of knowledge.

This topic is about differences that might make you doubt that your collectible is real, but which are normal. Let's start with a basic difference. You have statues that where produced in the 80's and that where produced again in the 90's. This makes that you can find the same statue with different materials. For more information abou this read our blog article; Polyester versus Polyresin.

Second is that you can notice small differences between the statues produced with the same material. These differences are because all these statues where painted by hand. This can make slight changes between coloration and end results. In the versions proced in the 80's they used a material to create a effect that makes the statues look older. This technique was used in the early productions of the statues in the 90's. But in the later productions in the 90's they stopped using this technique. The result of this technique is the ''brownish'' coloration.

The last important difference is the difference as shown in the picture below. Complete different colors. Which give the complete statue a different look. In the design proces they sometimes decided at a later moment that they wanted a different color. This was most of the times early in the proces. This makes that these statues are hard to come by. They where produced, but for a short amount of time. And where replaced with the same statue with a different color design.

If you have a collectible and are in doubt, feel free to contact us. We are always willing to help. We have a lot of literature and contacts to verify if objects are authentique. Not only these statues, but also other objects.

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The Difference Between Statues
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