Walt Disney, the beginning

The history of the Walt Disney company is incredibly complex. It is a history filled with highs and lows. In this blog article we want to give you some general information about how it all began.
On december 5th 1901 in Los Angeles Walt Disney was born. In his lifetime he would become one of the most celebrated creators ever. Walt Disney died on 15 december 1966. His heritage is alive and thriving till this day. At this moment the Walt Disney company is one of the largest and most powerfull companies in the world.

The first job of Walt Disney related to the company he would build was as a drawing artist. In general it is said that the short movie; Steamboat Willy, is the first Walt Disney movie. But it was Alice that was the first animated movie of Walt Disney. Alice was produced in 1923 and was a cooperation between Disney and Ub Iwerks. Only weeks after completion Walt Disney filed for bankrupcy.

After this bankrupcy Walt Disney started the company again with his brother Roy Disney. On october 16th 1923 the Walt Disney company was founded. The first thing they did was make another 56 short movies of Alice, because of the unexpected big hit the first movie turned out to be. After Alice Walt Disney created Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for Universal Pictures. In 1928 Walt Disney created Steamboat Willie. A short movie introducing Mickey Mouse. Because of this the Walt Disney company has the saying; It all started with a mouse. Steamboat Willy was a instant hit and marked the beginning of Walt Disney dominating the market for years to come.

A few year later Walt Disney created his first big movie; Snow white and the seven dwarfs. This movie was a huge succes and has won several Oscars. To be fair a lot of people where involved with the works of Walt Disney. Most of the stories of Walt Disney find their origin in older folklore. Walt Disney adapted this folklore and showed it to the world in his way. The original older folklore was a lot less child friendly then the works of Walt Disney.

On 17th July 1955 Walt Disney opend his first themepark, in Anaheim California. After this the company kept growing. They produced more movies, opend more themeparks and created more merchandise. Till this day the company is growing.

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Walt Disney
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