These terms of service apply to all coupons and gift certificates published by Precious Collectibles.
If in doubt whether the coupon is being used according to these conditions, we will cancel the order.
A coupon can only be used by the receiver of the coupons. Coupons are not transferable. 
If in doubt whether the user is the rightful user, we will ask for additional proof. 
The burden of proof is for the user, not for Precious Collectibles.
If fraud is detected Precious Collectibles has the right to forfeit the coupon.
A coupon can be valid for several days to a year. The expiration date is given with the coupon code.
The discount provided by a coupon will be calculated and shown at the shopping cart after entering the ''coupon code''.
A coupon can be a discount amount or a percentage of purchase of a product or order.
A coupon can be used only once, unless specified otherwise.
In case of a discount amount, the discount need to be used all at once, unless specified otherwise.
In a case of a discount amount, any remainder will lapse.
In case of a discount amount with gift certificates, when not using all at once, you need to contact Precious Collectibles for a additional coupon code. If not you forfeit the remainder of your gift certificate.
Coupons can not be exchannged for cash money.
A maximum of one coupon per order.
When you have several gift certificates, contact us. We can combine these to one coupon. This way you can use several gift certificates at once.
Coupons can not be combined with gift certificates.
Duplicating and/or distributing coupon codes is forbidden.
The customer can never derive any rights from not being able to use the coupon and the customer can never use a coupon afterwards or with retroactive effect.
If errors in the way in which the benefit is allocated or settled on the coupon come to light, including unexpected, unforeseen and/or securities not desired by Precious Collectibles, Precious Collectibles is entitled to suspend the operation of certain coupons or fully cancel the relevant coupons. In this case, the rights of customers who wish to use the respective coupons in good faith will be honored or compensated at Precious Collectibles sole discretion.
When returniong a purchase(s) where a coupon has been used, the purchase amount will be paid minus the discount enjoyed. Any gift(s) obtained during the purchase/purchases must be returned by the customer in its original condition or will be settled with the customer. The benefit obtained with the coupon expires.
Precious Collectibles does not accept any liability for loss or theft of the coupon(s), nor for unauthorized use of and/or fraudulent dealing with coupon(s). Except in cases of intent or gross negligence. Precious Collectibles is not liable for damage as a result of or related to the failure to make use of the coupon(s), for whatever reason, or in connection with the failure to use the coupon(s) on time and/or incompletely or subject to conditions.
Precious Collectibles reserves the right to make changes to the general coupon conditions.
By making use of the coupon(s), the customer indicates that he agrees to these general coupon conditions and the overal terms of service of Precious Collectibles.
If any provision of the terms of service is found to be void, invalid, unenforceable or illegal, the other provisions of the general terms and conditions will remain in full force.
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© Precious Collectibles 2019 - 2021
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