Demons And Merveilles

Demons and Merveilles is a well known brand among most collectors. This because of their (among other) high quality, diversity and originality. Demons and Merveilles has produced statues in license of Walt Disney, Warner Bros, King Features and many more brands. At our shop we mostly sell the products licensed by Walt Disney, Warner Bros and King Features.

Most items of Demons and Merveilles that we sell are statues. These statues are mostly between the 10 and 20 cm in height. A few of their statues are so called big figurines and can be up to 50 cm high. Beside statues, Demons and Merveilles has also produced sculptured picture frames, keychains, candle holders, posters, sculptured bookends, clocks, lamps and more.

Their sculptures where produced with Polyresin as material. After producing these, the sculptures where handpainted. This makes every piece unique. And because of this there are always small differences.
The brand Demons and Merveilles was founded by Isabelle Ponzone and Olivier Diolot-Niedergang. They founded the company in 1985. Their first sculpture was created in 1986. The youngest product we found was produced in 2006. It seems that after this the company stopped producing.

Several products of Demons and Merveilles are numbered limited editions. There are also unnumbered limited editions. From reference works we have seen, we know that a lot of the products where produced in 7 different quantities.

  1. 200 to 500 pieces
  2. 500 to 1000 pieces
  3. 1000 a 2000 pieces
  4. 2001 a 3000 pieces
  5. 3001 a 5000 pieces
  6. 5001 a 10000 pieces
  7. 10001 a 20000 pieces

Besides these different quantities, some sculptures have not only a Polyresin version but also a Ceramic version. For example Mickey Mouse in his reading chair. We do not know if both where produced in different quantity and why there where two different versions produced. We can imagine that in the proces they found out that ceramic was not the safest choice. Ceramic breaks a lot easier than Polyresin.
A little fun fact about Mickey in his chair. The design of this statue is almost identical as the design of a table lamp from Walt Disney produced in 1936 by the Soreng-Manegold company.

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Demons And Merveilles
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